Industry surveys suggest that One in Three unprotected homes will suffer from termite attack and YES, there are termites in Orange despite some misconceptions and long held beliefs that it is too cold for them.

Why take the risk?

Rectification of structural damage caused by timber pests can run into thousands of dollars. A timber pest inspection prior to purchasing a property and an annual inspection as recommended by the Australian Standard 3660 can dramatically reduce your risk of exposure to attack.

A timber pest inspection determines the presence of timber pests – in particular termites, borers or timber decay fungi. These pests affect the structural integrity of a building and may put the lives of your loved ones or tenants at risk if undetected and untreated.

This inspection will also identify conditions which are conducive to a timber pest attack, for example areas where the termite inspection zone has been breached, where untreated timbers have been used for construction of buildings or garden beds.

The inspection is carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards 3660.2 – 2000 & 4349.3 – 2010 and a written report is provided after each inspection.